Tawa Car Painting

We do work for major insurance companies and any private job. You can rest assured of a quality result as all our work is guaranteed.
When your vehicle has been damaged, you want it returned to “like new” condition.
That is our goal.


We carefully and skillfully match your paint, ensuring the colour is exactly the same as the original. You have nothing to worry about because we will return your car to you looking as new.


At Just Rust vehicles are repaired from start to finish using the best materials and equipment, in a clean, controlled environment to return your car to its original condition


Over the years, we’ve formed great relationships with local insurance companies. We offer free verbal quotes on all repairs and do our best to get the best estimate as quickly as possible.

A little Bit About Us

Just Rust has been providing the finest Rust, Panel & Paint since 2005.

One of the unpredictable events that could happen would be car accidents and also a matter that would require the expense of buying a new car aside from costs due to certain damages. However, if in case, your car can still be repaired and restored, that would be great news! You just have to find the right and credible service provider for smash repair and no doubt, you can cut the cost of
buying a new one, wherein fact certain repairs can still work for your car. We take pride in our service offering.

We believe in providing the highest level of service in all areas of our expertise. We will literally go the extra mile to provide you with that level of service.

tawa panel and paint

"Absolutely delighted with the service and care we received from Justine and crew at Just Rust. Highly recommend to anyone needing a great panel beater. Top customer service, and our aging slightly battered car now looks amazing!"


"Didn't get any work done however i just wanted to give praise to Justine. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is an asset to the company and even though things didn't go according to plan she went above and beyond to help me come up with another solution. So well done Justine and wish you and the team all the best. "


"I was unfortunate enough to require the services of a panelbeater for a WoF and my local person was unable to carry out the work in the required time-frame - and they mentioned Just Rust as a possible alternative. Justine provided a quote of less than half my local business and carried out the work within the time required. This involved some chassis welding and photos of the completed work were provided. I was very pleased with the service and when some minor work was needed at a later date Ihad that done by Justine's people too. Very pleased to have an opportunity for giving Just Rust the strongest of recommendations."